Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day!

WOW! Valentine's Day is TODAY! Where did the time go!? Everything just goes by extremely fast without us realizing, doesn't it? 

Out of curiosity, I looked up how Valentine's Day came about and thought that I would share! I used Wikipedia, what a reliable resource right? ;) Well, I am going to skip through it a bit and talk about what was interesting to me: 

It is a celebration for a saint, Valentinus. Later it became an official feast day for different churches honoring religious figures (sounds kind of boring, no?). Then the 15th century came along and it was about LOVE! Lovers exchanging cards, gifts, sweet goods, flowers, etc. Hearts, doves, and cupid represents this lovely pink/red holiday. OKAY! That was all I needed to know!

Personally, Valentine's Day is not one of my favorite days. Maybe it is the pink that is all over that I despise; all that pink makes me nauseous. BUT! I do enjoy all the chocolate, ice cream, cookies, and candy! Basically, all the sweet treats I receive from very dear friends! 

Everyone remember, Valentine's Day isn't the ONLY day you should be showing your love to someone (you have heard this a GAZILLION times). It is a reminder for oneself to appreciate all the good people around you and give them love, hugs, kindness, words of wisdom, and to tell them, "Hey, you are important to me! Thank you for being in my life!". It is simple. If you are not the type to just SCREAM to them how much you love them, make them a CARD! I think it is the most thoughtful thing ever! Of course, ACTUALLY put in the effort to make a creative card with a long thoughtful message (no flimsy cards with 1 sentence messages; they will be returned!) Overall, I just think it depends on the person you are sharing the love with. Whether they are high maintenance, low maintenance, and or they just dont care, show them that you really do appreciate them; no matter what day it may be. :) 

Anyway, I really want to show and break down two different looks I did by just changing the lip color! 

Face: MAC Strobe Cream, MAC Face&Body Foundation (N3), MAC Studio Moisture Tint (Medium), MAC Mineralize SkinFinish (Medium Plus), MUFE Super Matte Loose, Motives Custom Blend Loose Powder, Motives Blush (Babydoll, Pretty in Pink, Flirt)

Eyes: UDPP, MAC Pigment (Naked), Motives Eyeshadow (Latte, Vintage Glam, Sweet Chocolate, Onyx, Whipped Cream, Pearl), MAC Fluidline (Blacktrack), CoverGirl Lash Blast Waterproof Mascara (Very Black), Maybelline Illegal Length Waterproof Mascara (Blackest Black)

Lashes: Ardell Individual Lashes (Black, medium & short flare)

Lips: [left] Motives Lipliner (Neutral), Motives Lipstick (Misty Rose, Pink Pearls)
[right] Motives Lipliner (Retro Red), Motives Lipstick (Venetian Red)

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Close up of the eye look! (took with my IPhone) 

Whether you want the more natural/pretty approach or the sexy red lip look, I hope you guys enjoy it! :D Both looks will work for the occasion (or for any occasion for that matter)! 

Remember to enjoy your day, smile, and be kind!

~Kit Kat

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